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Omid Behboud Pharmaceuticals was established in Iran in 2016 with a focus on the production and development of innovative drugs and supplements. In Omid Behboud, we are always trying to supply the best products to the market by providing the best raw and auxiliary materials, as well as the constant development of new formulations and drug delivery methods.
The current portfolio of Omid Behboud products includes Digestive, Cardiovascular and Antidiabetic Drugs, Antihistamines, and Nutritional Supplements.
Also, Talia Farmed Alborz Pharmaceuticals, a partner company of Omid Behboud, has been established in Hashtgerd Industrial Town, using the most up-to-date pharmaceutical machines and equipment from reputable companies such as Glatt, Bosch, IMA, Lodige, in the field of tablet and capsule production, and will soon be ready for operation. will be. Talia Farmed Alborz is ready for contract production and sincere cooperation with all companies.